Female Genital Mutilation is illegal in Britain , the law should be ruthlessly enforced without mercy, but Male Genital Mutilation remains legal. This  needs to be outlawed as well, no ifs no buts just BAN IT and enforce it ruthlessly and without mercy from day one instead of waiting 20 years as has been the case with FGM .  there is no bloody difference, the Government must  stop pandering  to religious loonies and white middle class post modernist wallies

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The  time has come for the  "comfort of religion "to be tackled head on. 
This may not have been the intention of Sky News  but they have done a good job here anyway..

Religion faith is not merely superstitious twaddle, it is dangerous, as the Sky report shows

If people rely on faith they do not rely on themselves and others (Doctors for example) to change their situation , where children are involved the faith is forced upon them and the authorities aid and abet by respecting the " religious freedom" of the parents.

The failure of the State to protect children from religion is perhaps the greatest of scandals . Religious demagogues hold power over people and make fortunes by exploiting the vulnerable. There are non more vulnerable than children.

Faith is the chain that shackles the oppressed to their oppressor, if you believe in an after life (pie in the sky when you die) you are less likely to want to overthrow
your oppressors

Today as the influence of at  least  mainstream religion declines, the religious raise
the cry of "persecution" by which is meant not respecting their right to force their views upon others.

The sooner we rid the world of faith the better. To this end we need to see an end to Religious "Education" as a stand alone subject in schools and an end to State funding of Faith Schools. I would argue that private Faith Schools should not be allowed either and I argue my case on the grounds of Children's Rights.

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