Re the New Pope : I have received the following from the International Association Of Freethinkers>

After the enormous success of our Congress of the Americas, and certainly afraid of the growth of Freethought in Argentina, the Vstican has chosen one of their most conservative representatives as new Pope of the Roam Catholic Church.
Argentina, after passing a same sex marriage law, and with a massive participation at the AILP inspired Congress of Freethinkers of the Americas (maybe in fear of having a French Freethinker as Anti Pope supported by Latin American Atheists and Freemasons) has picked Jorge Bergoglio as new Monarch of the Catholics. Bergoglio is an old acquaintance of Human Rights defenders in Argentina. As a member of the Argentine Bishop Conference, was amongst the "affirmative silent" supporters of the Military Junta back in 1976. As a Jesuit boss he's been denounced of having "given up" the 5 Palotin Friars who were mureered in a night in Buenos Aires at the beginning of the Dictatorship. As head of the Argentine Church, later, during the trials for violations of Human Rights, in the case of the Bishop of La Rioja (Northern province of Argentina) Angellelli, he had a sudden loss of memory, being unable to affirm or deny if the Church protested the death of the Bishop, allegedly killed in a car crash,but really shot repeatedly by the Armed Forces' killers.
Again, the Church shows that everything can be worse. From a Nazi collaborationist, to an SS youth, to a South American Fascist...a renewal of the popes is always a result of historical coherence.

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